Jason Syversen Running for Senate District 16

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Lifted out of poverty, entrepreneur and non-profit volunteer leader pushing ‘5G plan’ to build stronger and more efficient government.

CONCORD***Jason Syversen, a successful entrepreneur and resident of Dunbarton, announced his candidacy for state senate district 16 today.

Syversen has a compelling life story, growing up in poverty, making his way through college and ultimately launching his own tremendously successful business, selling it and then retiring at 42 to focus on non-profit work.

Growing up poor gave Jason the drive and motivation to go to college and get a good job so he could provide for his family and escape the stress that financial scarcity creates for struggling families. As a child, he learned important values of love and care for neighbors and living frugally, like when they needed to make scarce food items last a long time.

After graduating from college, he went through BAE Systems inaugural engineering leadership development program, and was later recruited to work for the prestigious DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). At DARPA he managed almost a $100M in advanced research programs, particularly focused in cyber security.

In 2009, Syversen took the biggest risk of his life, leaving DARPA and starting Siege Technologies. He grew the business over 8 years and sold it in 2016. Syversen retired from business several years later, gave most of his money away to charity, and began volunteering as a leader in non-profit organizations.

As an entrepreneur and someone from outside of politics, Syversen won’t be a typical candidate. He wants to inspire a new way of looking at our challenges in Concord. Using a technology term for his campaign, Jason will be running on ‘5G’.

Syversen announced, “We need to do things differently in Concord and stop settling for gridlock and conflict. I’ll be a new voice in the state senate focused on compassionate leadership and innovative progress. My 5G Plan lays this out in 5 steps:

1. We need to be Genuine and stop the political games

2. I’ll Galvanize communities and bring people together

3. Let’s promote Good will and inspire a better way

4. Develop Growth with a smart & innovative economy

5. Ultimately lead us to a more efficient, more ethical


Syversen believes it’s wrong to allow and settle for blatant conflict in government. “Senator Cavanaugh is paid by a union to promote and vote for union legislation in Concord. That’s wrong – plain and simple.It’s time for voters to stand up, stop settling for politics as usual, and insist on doing things better. The citizens of senate district 16 can expect me to work for the best interests of their communities and everyone in the state of NH, not for special interest groups who pay my salary.”

Syversen will fight against broad-based sales or income taxes and burdensome regulations that will hurt Granite Staters and New Hampshire businesses. He also believes itis time to develop a serious plan to help keep and attract the younger generation in the state and create more high paying jobs and businesses.

Jason is married to Bethanee, the best life partner imaginable, and has six children, two of whom are adopted.

(District 16 includes Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett, and Manchester wards 1,2,12)

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