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Jason Syversen

Leading NH into the Future

Jason knows the value of a dollar growing up on food stamps and donated items. His story is the American dream, graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in MA and eventually founding and retiring early from his successful cybersecurity firm in Manchester.

Since retiring from business ownership just over a year ago, he has devoted almost every single day to volunteering with local non-profits, helping attract and deploy financial resources to enable these organizations to make a profound difference in the communities they serve.

His motivation to run for the NH senate stems from his desire to see people empowered to make a positive change, and this campaign serves as a way to give back to this great state he calls home.


As a candidate, Jason’s approach is factual legislation with compassionate implementation. He is uniquely able to represent the district 16 community through his vast experience as a leader in NH because of his success in building a profitable business, advisory and volunteer work in the community, working with the tech education board of SAU 67, and years of experience with government agencies.

When it comes to priorities, Jason is focused on making wise data-driven decisions, creating support for businesses to grow without hindrance, bringing more high-paying jobs to the area, strengthening the educational system, keeping legislative governance honest, and improving both government and non-profit approaches to dealing with the drug crisis and those left behind in society.

Jason knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of government initiatives that help the community, from churches, or local non-profits. He believes that communication and execution of governmental decisions do not need to be cold or calloused. Instead, by treating others with compassion and respect leads to healthy and open dialogue, allowing our state to flourish.

Jason resides in scenic Dunbarton, NH, with his wife and six children.

Join him in leading NH into the future.

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"In these unprecedented times, I will help lead the move to rebuild our economy while balancing the health of our communities. We must protect our most vulnerable citizens.

We need to rebuild our economy after Covid and we must recognize the emergence of technology in everyone’s lives. As an entrepreneur, I put everything on the line to build a unique tech company with 40 employees. We have opportunities and we need to take advantage of them and position New Hampshire for the future so we can create jobs and keep the younger generation working close to home.


We also need leaders who know and understand how technology is impacting our children, our families and our schools.


Granite Staters deserve a Senator who knows and understands how technology will keep us safe. 

We also should be rethinking how technology can empower our freedoms and expand opportunities with non-profit organizations.

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we hold our future in our hands every single day. Technology is not just the future anymore – it is here – it is now. And to be perfectly blunt, we need a voice for technology in the State Senate."